Hello wonderful souls!

My name is Chloë and I'm the one woman show behind Muddy Lotus.

I began making candles in 2019 as a way to help me overcome anxiety issues and low self esteem. I have always been a creative person and had been searching for something that I would love to make as well as helping me become more present with my life and slow down my racing mind.

As soon as I started pouring from the jug the learning began. Not just about how to make the perfect candle and scent throw, but so much about myself as a person as well! I loved watching my ideas come to life and I got into the design process so quickly. I couldn't wait to get home from my day job to research all the various things I needed to make this become my reality. Making the scent combinations definitely wasn't as easy as expected, but in reality I think that's a really good thing. If it challenges you it also helps you grow and anything worth doing is never meant to be easy.

I have had countless jobs and have been lost on career paths so many times since leaving university, but the urge to create has never been so strong and it's the one thing that makes me truly happy and content with my work.

I knew I had found home.

I become so driven and focused when working for myself and feel so passionate about creating beautiful candles to help other people with their mental health and self care practice.

I truly hope you love each scent and creation as much as I do.

I am also a Reiki practitioner based in Brighton offering 1:1 sessions and distance healing. My practice involves using a wide range of sacred tools to help re-align the body's meridian energy system (the Chakras), whilst channeling high -vibrational energy into the aura to bring your body, mind and spirit back into beautiful alignment with itself.



I believe in nurturing our intuitions and living as mindfully and heart led as possible.

Harnessing our intuition and knowing when to follow the right signs help us navigate our lives with clarity and ease and stay true to who we are really meant to be.

Surrounding ourselves with uplifting and high vibrational energies and diving into self help methods are so important if we want to improve the quality of our lives and improve our overall well-being.

~ I look forward to connecting with you ~


Love + Light

Muddy Lotus


Chloë x

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