Hi, my name is Chloe.

My journey all began during my early childhood when I became fascinated with the beautiful teachings of Reiki healing. My lovely Nan was (and still is) a Reiki healer and would regularly give me healing's during times of stress. Our very own white witch of the family. Little did I know this would hold such importance for me in the years that lied ahead.

Then... life happened, as it tends to do and Reiki was put to the back of my mind but not to be forgotten.

Reiki was re - introduced to me during a really dark period in my life, and thanks to the right tools I was able to grow through my depression and crippling anxiety, and come out stronger and more determined than ever before. 

Words can't express the changes it brought me.

 I felt a calling to share this beautiful energy and help others overcome theirs.

Now in my 30's, my wish is to help you find your fullest potential, and align yourself towards your highest truths and purpose, so that you can begin to live a life that feels authentic and beautiful to who you are.

I am passionate about self care, moon rituals, sound healing, energy work, Chakra balancing tools, empowering individuals to believe in themselves and love sharing ways that energy healing can work for you.

As with all healing, we too must put in the work.

I believe in nurturing our intuitions and living as mindfully and heart led as possible.

Harnessing our intuition and knowing when to follow the right signs help us navigate our lives with clarity and ease and stay true to who we are really meant to be.

Having a positive mindset changes everything, and words are a powerful tool that can help create a new reality for ourselves and enhance our experiences.

Surrounding ourselves with uplifting and high vibrational energies and diving into self help methods are so important if we want to enhance the quality of our lives and improve our overall well-being.


Modern day life is hectic and fast paced. Our busy lifestyles can sometimes leave us feeling drained and emitting a lower frequency than we usually would, and with little time for our own self care. We may find that our sense of balance is completely thrown out of alignment and we don't know which direction to turn. We all need a helping hand at times to balance our energy levels to a healthy state so we can once again operate from a space of the highest potential and vibrancy.

  It's just about watering the right seeds. 

I am a Reiki practitioner based in Brighton offering 1:1 sessions and distance healing. My practice involves using a wide range of sacred tools to help re-align the body's meridian energy system (the Chakras), whilst channeling high -vibrational energy into the aura to bring your body, mind and spirit back into beautiful alignment with itself.

The intentions for the sessions are to make sure you feel at home and completely at ease. 

The beautiful energy of Reiki facilitates a deep state of relaxation to your body, mind and spirit, gently guiding you towards becoming equipped to facilitate your own future change and transformation.

 Everyone is their own alchemist and 

each of us hold the healing ability to transform and empower our body's and  lives.



your intuition


All the magic and love you need lies within you.


~ I can't wait to connect and work with you ~


Love + Light

Muddy Lotus


Chloe x

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