Yesterday I had my first ever distance reiki session. 

I had an awful headache and I needed to have a lay down away from my phone. 


I didn’t have to do anything but lie down with my palms facing up. 

Whether it’s because I knew she was scanning my chakras or not, I felt Like there was almost a protective layer surrounding my entire body. 


I felt very safe and calm.


There were moments where I would experience parts of my body twitching, or a dull ache which only lasted for about 5 seconds or less.

Everybody is going to feel something different.


I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep. 


After the session had come to an end, I was feeling so much more relaxed, less tense and my headache has most definitely subsided. 

Chloe gave me a very helpful, in-depth and detailed response to what she had experienced herself during the session. 


I had some chakras blocked and some that were open. 

She has some brilliant tips and life hacks to opening up different chakras that work extremely well. 

I haven’t felt better! 


Thank you so much Chloe.

Savanna - Kent