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Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere, anytime and is channeled to you via thought, emotion, and intention.

The distance can be small or vast, and is capable of stretching beyond the limits of time and space.

The energy is sent with love and light, for the highest and greatest good for you and your healing journey.

Distance Reiki works the same as it would if you were with me in person.

All that is required is to find somewhere quiet to lie down and accept the healing energy.

If you are unable to find time for yourself in this way, but still want a distance session, Reiki can be channeled to you.

A full chakra body scan is conducted over your 7 meridian points and blocks are indicated to me via pendulum dowsing. Additional Reiki will be sent and crystals will be placed over the appropriate chakras to strengthen these areas and bring in a state of harmony and balance to you and your energy centres.

Commencing a distance healing is your first step towards empowering your overall happiness and well-being, and it should be approached with an open heart and mind.

All that Reiki asks in return is your desire to want the healing.

The distance Reiki session lasts for 30 minutes with the option of discussing any thoughts and feelings that come up, as well as advice on what foods to heal the chakras, colours to wear, crystals, plus holistic healing techniques, which are all available at your discretion via email once the session has come to an end.

I am here for support and advice should you ever need me and really look forward to assisting you with your healing journey.

All the love and light,



~Muddy Lotus~

**When booking, please let me know the calendar date at check out**

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